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Welcome to KarmaTurkey - your property, investment and lifestyle specialist. Our representatives in London and Turkey can guide you to find the perfect property, taking into consideration and consulting on your lifestyle and investment needs.
KarmaTurkey,Investment and Lifestyle Specialists
Welcome to KarmaTurkey - your property, investment and lifestyle specialist. Our representatives in London and Turkey can guide you to find the perfect property, taking into consideration and consulting on your lifestyle and investment needs.
Beach Homes & Sea Views | Your Turkish Riviera Guide
Welcome to KarmaTurkey - your property, investment and lifestyle specialist. Our representatives in London and Turkey can guide you to find the perfect property, taking into consideration and consulting on your lifestyle and investment needs.

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Panorama Project in Pendik Istanbul 1005


4.000.000 TL

Ref : 1005

IST 1003


6.248.000 TL

Ref : 1003

IST 1002


232.000 $

Ref : 1002

IST 1001


3.630.000 TL

Ref : 1001

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Traffic fines in in Turkey 2023

Today, driving and commuting with private cars takes up a large part of the day and night hours of the citizens. This is more noticeable in bigger cities due to more population; Because more people use private cars.

Fine for overstaying in Turkey

Iranian citizens can stay in Turkey for 90 days in every 180 days with their passports . They have a deadline of 3 months to apply for Turkish residence permit. Even if you apply for a residence permit during this period, but your card is not issued, you will be fined for violating the visa law at the time of departure.

Should I immigrate to Europe or Turkey by buying a property?

Today, Turkey is known as a destination for immigration and investment, not only for Iranians, but for many other nations from North and South Africa to Europeans who prefer to buy an apartment, albeit a small one, in Have a country with good weather and low costs.

Need to rent a car in Turkey

Turkey is a Eurasian country located in Western Asia and on the eastern and southeastern terrace of Europe and borders Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria and has a 6530 km coastal border. Renting a car in Turkey is an ideal way to discover the unique culture of this country.

Is it prohibited to sell houses and stay in Turkey?

In the past few days, there have been stories about banning the sale of houses to foreigners from the next 6 months and stopping the issuance of residence and citizenship.


Mr. Ali 2

Mr. Ali

From Iran 🇮🇷

Access to international schools and metro stations was very important for me and my wife. They responded to our needs. They were still with us after completing the purchase process and receiving the fee. The managers of Karma Turkey are my friends today and I consult with them even about the smallest questions and problems of life in Turkey.
Mr. Burak

Mr. Burak

From Turkey 🇹🇷

My brother and I both wanted to invest and start a business in Turkey. With the correct and professional advice of Mr. Hamed Valadkhani, we were able to purchase two storefronts in the center of Istanbul. SHIVART-DESIGN Company did all the design and implementation of interior decoration for us. Timely delivery and high quality of work were the features of working with Karma Turkey.

Mr Hasan

From Chad 🇹🇩

My family members and I had different tastes and we were a little limited in terms of financial budget. Mr. Yusuf, the sales expert of Karma Turkey, was able to listen to all of our opinions with great patience and experience and gave us the best suggestions. Finally, we were able to find our favorite house at the right price and we are living in it now. thank you.
Mr. Akunna

Mr. Akunna

From Nigeria 🇳🇬

My main concern was transferring money to Turkey. They quickly opened a bank account for me and with their careful advice I was able to take control of the purchase and transfer the title deed to my new home without wasting time. Karma Turkey Real Estate Company gave me a sweet memory of buying a house in Turkey.
Mr. Ali

Mr. Ali

From Turkey 🇹🇷

They represent the sales of many residential and commercial projects in Istanbul. Karma Turkey International Company recognized the needs of me and my family and was able to achieve our satisfaction in a very professional and friendly manner. We recommend the good services of this company to all those who read this text.

Mr. Asghar

From Iran 🇮🇷

Work discipline and the use of specialist employees are their characteristics. My wife and I were attracted to the responsiveness and responsibility of Karma Turkey real estate sales experts. In the end, their timely and regular follow-up made our house purchase project in Turkey come true in the best possible way.
Mr. Zain

Mr. Zain

From Kuwait 🇰🇼

Among Turkish real estate companies, they were the only company that responded immediately after the first message and very patiently answered each and every one of our questions and concerns. Karma Turkey's real estate experts introduced some of the best residential areas to us by video call, which made my children happy.
Mr. Ruhi

Mr. Ruhi

From Iran 🇮🇷

- Mr. Hamed Valadkhani and the powerful sales & after-sales team at Karma Turkey Company showed me and my family the different areas of Istanbul and finally offered us the best houses for sale. Their role in our decision making was commendable.
Mr. Mehdi

Mr. Mehdi

From England 🇬🇧

Karma Turkey company paved the way for me to buy a house in Turkey, they convinced me with explanations and sufficient documents that process of buying a house in Turkey is not a complicated matter and if it is done in the right way, it is a very enjoyable process. it is easy.