Karma Turkey started its activity in January 2017 in Istanbul.

Just a few months after the beginning of our activities in the field of real estate sales and related services, which sometimes included tourist services and travel planning for customers, the law granting citizenship rights to foreigners through investment in the real estate market in Turkish government approved.

With the approval of this immigration law, the Turkish government had actually opened the country’s entrance doors for monetary and foreign exchange flows, and the amount of capital required to receive Turkish citizenship was reduced from one million US dollars to 250 thousand US dollars, which was the government’s decision. Turkey led to the influx of investors and families who considered receiving Turkish passports as a special opportunity for their future and their children.

Gradually, with the publication of the news of the new Turkish citizenship and passport law for foreigners in Turkey, the demand for buying property in Turkey increased, and Iranian citizens were at the top of the list of property buyers in Turkey due to Iran’s special economic, social and political conditions.

Due to the high demand for real estate in Turkey, the number of international real estate companies and Iranian real estate companies increased in Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir and other Turkish cities, and naturally, a good competition was formed in the Turkish real estate market.

Now, in the current situation, expertise, experience and honest relationships and gaining the trust of customers will clearly have a significant impact on acquiring more sales among other competitors and real estate companies in Turkey.

From the beginning, Karma Turkey entered the professional field of real estate as an active broker and exclusive sales representative of projects called Istanbul and assumed the sales representative of residential and office projects.

Projects such as Nooral Life, Wadi Istanbul in Sariyarastanbul area, Aschioglu residential and office project in Bakirkoy area of Istanbul, Deniz villa residential project sales agent in Istanbul with the builder named Kelosoglu next to Marina and Beylikduzu beach, several other residential projects in Snivort area which at that time The number of projects under construction or built was very few.

Now that all the platforms for foreign investment have been prepared, the Turkish government announced tax-free areas of Istanbul for the construction and renovation of the city in order to become an attraction for construction companies and to redevelop the dilapidated areas of Istanbul more quickly. Old with non-standard construction, buildings sometimes over 40 years old that are still inhabited and will cause heavy damage in the event of an earthquake in Istanbul.

Due to the fact that Istanbul is a historical and very old city, these dilapidated areas can be found everywhere in Istanbul, but the Turkish government currently pays more attention to the Sisli Bementi area, the paper mill area that was recently separated from the Sisli municipality, and the Fikirtepe Kadikoi neighborhood in He had placed the tasks and exemptions.

Therefore, today, after five years, we see that the newest and most stylish residential complexes are located in more worn-out areas of the city, which at first glance is very strange and sometimes unpleasant for foreign buyers who travel to Istanbul.

Since the beginning of 2018, with the unique welcome of Iranians to buy residential and commercial properties, we have been at the service of investors in cooperation with reputable construction companies that needed expert and authorized experts to provide proper advice in real estate and residential affairs. We have succeeded in meeting the needs of Iranians and buyers from other nationalities in this field.

This company is proud to provide buying and selling services in the beautiful city of Istanbul with a trained and honest staff together with Turkish and Iranian consultants in order to serve honorable and dear compatriots in the beautiful city of Istanbul.

By obtaining the necessary permits from the relevant organizations in Turkey, KarmaTerki guarantees the security of your capital in the purchase and sale of property for you.

If you intend to live in Turkey or you need expert information for a safe investment, including buying a house, villa, shop, office, and land, Karma-Turkey’s group of consultants can be by your side from the beginning to the end.

You can save a significant amount of additional costs and time by consulting with us, and our ultimate goal is to satisfy your dear customers and provide complete and accurate services in this field.

Today, we are proud to be a good guide for you with full knowledge of previous conditions and current opportunities.

Knowledge of the laws of buying and selling property in Turkey, Turkish immigration laws, money transfer rules from Iran to Turkey, study conditions in Turkey, admission to Turkish universities for your children, company registration in Turkey, buying a car in Turkey, driving license in Turkey , tax laws in Turkey, obtaining Turkish residence, obtaining Turkish citizenship and passport, resale of your property in Turkey and all services that lead to a successful immigration to Turkey are our specialty.

Of course, my colleagues and I have tried to update ourselves in order to be better along with being aware of the laws and conditions that change every day in Turkey in order to provide better services.

In all these years, Karma Turkey company has provided investment opportunities for a large number of Iranian and international buyers by employing experienced and knowledgeable consultants, so that now thanks to old loyal customers who have already made successful purchases with our advice. And they have been satisfied with our services, new customers are introduced to us and we proudly advertise our services without the need to spend exorbitant costs and exaggerate in flashy advertisements on TV and social networks.
Good service and loyal customers are the best advertisement for us.

Written by : Hamed Valadkhani