Logo and Emblem Registration in Turkey

While brands and slogans provide auditory protection, the
other important elements are all of the logos and emblems which are used next
to brands. These symbols which became the differentiating elements for the company
with their use must be protected with registration.

If needed, those symbols might be registered without any
extra cost at the same time with the trademark registration application. Adding
new logos or changing logos for the already registered trademarks is only
possible with a new application.

While it is needed for company-word combinations to match,
figural elements’ correspondence is also needed, and the most important figural
elements are logos and emblems. Correspondence in logos and emblems are the
condition of physical resemblance. Correspondence of the figural elements is
accepted with the total resemblance of all the figures. Required resemblance rate is a high degree of similarity.

When comparing two figures, conceptual similarity is not enough
by itself, and besides conceptual similarity, a high degree of similarity is
also needed. For example, in order for accepting two brand figures with lion
shape to have an indistinguishable similarity, it is not enough to have a
roaring lion in these figures. The lion shapes must be indistinguishably
similar to each other. 


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    If logos and emblems have figural elements and if those
    figural elements are frequently used in a particular industry, the shape which
    is to be used must have a distinctive figure. For example, if a logo and emblem
    with a spoon figure is used in food industry, those figures must have different
    components and their design must be distinctive.

    Logo/Emblem + Word Combinations

    In brands with Word + Logo/Emblem combinations, copying the figure
    as it is and adding a word to it is accepted as trademark infringement.

    In brands with united word-figure combinations, word is
    primarily subjected to investigation.

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