Fine for overstaying in Turkey

Fine for overstaying in Turkey

Iranian citizens can stay in Turkey for 90 days in every 180 days with their passports . They have a deadline of 3 months to apply for Turkish residence permit. Even if you apply for a residence permit during this period, but your card is not issued, you will be fined for violating the visa law at the time of departure.

Should I immigrate to Europe or Turkey by buying a property?

immigrate to Europe

Today, Turkey is known as a destination for immigration and investment, not only for Iranians, but for many other nations from North and South Africa to Europeans who prefer to buy an apartment, albeit a small one, in Have a country with good weather and low costs.

Need to rent a car in Turkey

Turkey is a Eurasian country located in Western Asia and on the eastern and southeastern terrace of Europe and borders Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria and has a 6530 km coastal border. Renting a car in Turkey is an ideal way to discover the unique culture of this country.