Is it prohibited to sell houses and stay in Turkey?

Is it prohibited to sell houses and stay in Turkey?

In the past few days, there have been stories about banning the sale of houses to foreigners from the next 6 months

and stopping the issuance of residence and citizenship.

Because the quick and widespread spread of this news is unfortunately by some people only to stimulate the atmosphere and pressure on the customers

who are taking action to buy early and fish from this muddy water.

We felt it necessary to give an explanation in this regard;

What is the main news?

The broadcast news is related to the words of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of the People’s Republican Party or CHP.

Due to the proximity of the decisive and historical elections in Turkey in May 2023, all the parties have already started campaigning,

the economy has become the most important parameter and the key to the victory of the elections, therefore all the parties are trying to provide solutions

and programs for They solve economic problems and it is one of the most attacked points.

There are many foreigners in the country and also the sale of properties to them, because both of these things were done by the order and support of President Erdoğan.

As a result, attacking this issue for all parties can attract the votes of the gray part; It also weakens Erdogan’s front,

and perhaps the increasing inflation of the last few months can be fake in some way to put more pressure on Erdogan’s government.

Now Klichdaroglu criticized the government in a post on his Twitter regarding the increase in housing prices and rents.

Referring to the presidential election, he announced (if he wins) that he will ban the sale of housing to foreigners after 6 months for five years.

Klichdaroglu stated that the ban will not be lifted until the price balance is established.

The original text of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s tweet

Tweet translation:

Translated text of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s tweet

Just an advertising slogan!

According to the text of the tweet, as well as additional news posted on the main website of the party and news agencies,

this news is only his proposal in case of winning the elections, and it is also only related to restricting or banning the sale of houses until the balance returns to the market.

In all these words, there is no mention of banning residence or even citizenship, because citizenship through the sale of a house is one of the methods of obtaining

Turkish citizenship, and it has also been approved as a law by the parliament, and any change in it must be through the parliament.

and be done by majority vote;

And it is not in the direct authority of the president.

Of course, the president and his party can make changes through their representatives in the parliament, but this will definitely be time-consuming and very expert.

Apart from this issue, the thing that is emphasized a lot is the banning of obtaining residence, which was not mentioned in Kamal Klichdaroglu’s tweet,

and if the meaning of banning tourist residence is based on the purchase of property,

only if he chooses to do so. and be able to enforce this ban, this is likely to happen.

However, since 2020, many restrictions have been announced and applied to regulate the tourist stay situation and prevent the illegal work of foreigners in Turkey.

is in progress and obtaining a tourist residence has been accompanied by many strictures,

and only people who can prove their residence request as a tourist,

or with a house sale plan, will be able to receive it, as a result, these words will not have an effect on this procedure.

But in the end, it must be said that tourist accommodation (in any way) is never the right way for those who choose Turkey as their final destination.

If your purpose of coming to Turkey was to immigrate and you have chosen this country as your home, you should increase your social participation and use methods

such as investment, work permit and similar things to obtain Turkish residence,

so as to have a purposeful immigration. and have success; Also, stay away from the problems caused by receiving short-term stays or changing its rules

Is it prohibited to sell houses and stay in Turkey?

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