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Patent Acquisition in Turkey

 Patent Acquisition Process

Acquiring a patent or a utility model is a serious process that starts from the questioning of the innovation before application to be made, and requires making document correspondences in this process and taking the document and even following the annual renewals.”

A Patent – Utility Model:

It is defined as preventing the production, sale and use of others’ rights of invention without permission and granting the right to a monopoly in possession of this right within a certain period of time.

What to do before a Patent Application in Turkey?

Before applying, it is necessary to question whether the application is an invention. Subjects that are not considered as an invention due to the patent law decree are as follows:

  •    Mathematical methods, theories, explorations.
  •    Mental, commercial and play-related plans and rules (e.g. a language learning method, a business plan).
  •    Literary works, artistic works and computer software.
  •    Compilation and submission of non-technical information
  •    Treatment methods and procedures to be applied to the bodies of humans and animals.

All of these matters are not considered as an invention, but to give an example, although software cannot be patented, a device working with software can be patented.

Should the Invention be Preferred as a Patent or as a Utility Model?

It would be helpful to learn about patents and the utility model before applying. For information about those two concepts, please look at the article named “What is a Patent?”

Patent Examination

It is a process that requires a long time and material resources to commercialize and realize an invention. For this reason, it is very important to question whether our invention is really new. This is a process that will prevent both time and material losses.

Preparation of the Patent Application Documents in Turkey

The documents to be prepared in the form of two applications, namely Patent and Utility Model, are the same. Patent Application Documents are as follows:

  • Description
  • Requests
  • Summary
  • Drawing of the invention
  • Summary

Patent Application in Turkey

Once the patent application documents have been prepared, the application is made online via the Sistem Patent’s Attorney Office.

Patent Application Process

  1. Online patent application
  2.  Procedural review of the application (1-3 days)
  3. If there is formal inadequacies (Completion period is 3 months)
  4. If there are, formal inadequacies will be completed
  5. Formal suitability letter
  6. Research report (can be done within 15 months from the date of application)
  7. Research report request
  8. System preference
  9. If unexamined system is preferred, you should obtain the unexamined patent document
  10. If examined system is preferred,
  11. Examination request
  12. In case of positive outcome
  13. Examined patent document should be obtained
  14. A renewal fee must be paid each year from the date of application.
  15. Publication of the patent document

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