Should I immigrate to Europe or Turkey by buying a property?

immigrate to Europe

Today, Turkey is known as a destination for immigration and investment, not only for Iranians, but for many other nations from North and South Africa to Europeans who prefer to buy an apartment, albeit a small one, in Have a country with good weather and low costs.

We read in the news that Iranians have bought the largest number of properties in Turkey, which is not surprising because Turkey is in the neighborhood of Iran, a large population of Iranians have Turkish and Azeri roots and are familiar with the language and culture of Turkey. and also the chaotic economic and social conditions that Iran is unfortunately facing these days, on the other hand, encourages this process so that families who can financially support themselves and their children in Turkey take advantage of every opportunity to immigrate and receive use the right of Turkish citizenship, in other words, they imagine a better future for themselves and their children somewhere outside of Iran.

Currently, Turkey has considered good conditions for immigration and investment for foreigners. Good means greater ease and speed in the related administrative and bureaucratic process. Lower and more transparent government expenses. If this is not the case in European countries, for example, Spain gives you the right to stay for ten years with an investment of 500,000 euros, and after eight years of residence, it checks your residence to see if you meet the relevant conditions in these eight years. Your residence judge will become a Spanish citizen. It means years of patience and coping with social restrictions, spending heavy living expenses in Euros in this European country and facing the racist culture that most Middle Eastern nations experience in European countries.

However, in Turkey, you can get your second citizenship in a shorter and faster time by spending less money. With an investment of 400 thousand dollars, you will be the owner of Kymlik (Turkish national card) and Turkish passport within three months. Only three months! After three months, you will enjoy all the social and medical rights of Turkey. Free education for your children and work permit in Turkey for all your family members. Also, with a Turkish passport, you can travel around the world much more easily and have fun.

Be careful that the amount you paid and bought a property is still a capital in your pocket, you did not spend or lose this amount, but you invested this amount and bought a property for six dong in your name. By law, you must not sell the property for three years. You can live in it or rent it out and earn money. Of course, within these three years, the price of your property will increase and its value will grow. Then, after three years, if you need to, you can sell your property and withdraw the principal of your money plus the increase in price.

As you can see, not only did you not pay anything to get Turkish citizenship and passport, but this privilege was offered to you in exchange for a profitable investment.

Inevitably, I have to point out a point that has an impact on all of our lives, something that we all know but forget. Dear friends, you should stay away from information and words without reliable sources. What a certain Telegram group wrote about Turkish citizenship, what an Instagram influencer said about living in Istanbul, what the lady next door said that Turkey is not worth immigration and investment and you should think about Europe and…

To get correct information, you should refer to an immigration lawyer or an experienced consultant who has a good resume, also read important materials on the website of the Turkish Immigration Department in Farsi and English, and most importantly, with successful and reliable friends who have already Consult with Turkey Immigration and ask them to introduce you to a good immigration and investment consultant, but please do not pay attention to worthless news sources. Remember that others don’t like you to emigrate, unfortunately our successes annoy others and they always try to disappoint us. I have heard a saying that said: Even if you walk on water, they say that so-and-so did not know how to swim.

The thing that I have come across a lot is that we compare our abilities with others in immigration. For example, someone immigrated to Turkey and became successful, so I can also become successful and vice versa. To immigrate to Turkey, you need things that I will name in order: 1) Sufficient capital 2) Turkish language 3) Personal management and adapting to new conditions.

If you find out that a family has immigrated to Turkey and they have suffered a lot or experienced bad conditions, it does not mean that you will not have a good experience. In simpler words, like exams during school, when one test was given and the other was renewed, try to come with better preparation and be sure that getting a test score in immigration will not be a difficult task if you develop the necessary characteristics in yourself and strengthen the ability to adapt to the conditions.

Written by Hamed Valadkhani on April 20, 2022

immigrate to Europe

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