Traffic fines in in Turkey 2023

traffic fines in in Turkey 2023

Today, driving and commuting with private cars takes up a large part of the day and night hours of the citizens.

This is more noticeable in bigger cities due to more population; Because more people use private cars.

In Turkey, which is a tourist country and hosts a large number of tourists every year, the issue of traffic fines is of double importance.

A large percentage of tourists who have chosen Turkey as their travel destination travel by public transport in this country in order to visit the sights of this country safely.

At the same time, there are travelers who use private vehicles to travel to this country.

These people are in addition to the population that travels in this country every day with their own vehicles.

At the same time, the conditions of the corona virus epidemic have caused a large part of people to use private cars, and this issue affects the traffic in Turkey.

Turkey has about 85 million people and about 25 million cars travel in this country.

Among all the cities of this country, Istanbul has heavy traffic.

Due to its special geographical location, Istanbul connects Turkey to the European continent. This has made this city one of the top ten cities in the world with heavy traffic.

The large volume of car traffic has caused people and officials to worry about the possible dangers of increasing car accidents in this country.

The authorities of this country are trying to reduce accidents and increase the safety of car traffic by creating strict laws and imposing traffic fines in Turkey.

Traffic laws are different in different countries.

However, the maximum difference between the driving laws of different countries is about ten percent and the rest of the laws are similar to each other.

In Turkey, there are also special traffic laws, if you don’t know about them, you may face heavy fines.

If you live in Turkey or plan to travel to Turkey with your own vehicle.

Getting a license in Turkey will not be difficult.

The legal driving age in Turkey is 18 years. It is mandatory for all front and rear passengers to wear seat belts.

Using a mobile phone while driving is prohibited under any circumstances and you will be fined if you use it.

It is forbidden to place children under 12 years old in the front seat of the driver, even if there is a child seat.

It is forbidden to turn right during a red light.

Traffic fines in Turkey may be paid in cash, so always have cash with you.

If you drink alcohol before driving, make sure your blood alcohol content is below half percent.

If it is more than this amount, a negative mark will be recorded in your certificate and you will be fined.

Pedestrians have the right of way in Turkey, and you must stop or slow down when you reach a crosswalk.

Otherwise, you will be subject to a heavy fine.

On multi-lane roads, the right lane is reserved for ambulances and police cars, and you will be fined for constantly driving in this lane.

With the increase in driving fines in Turkey and, as a result, the increase in negative points on the license, it is possible that your license will be confiscated by the police.

traffic fines in in Turkey 2023

  • Crossing the red light: 951 lira
  • Driving without a license: 8190 liras
  • Driving over the speed limit by 10 to 30%: 951 liras
  • Driving over the speed limit by 30 to 50%: 1979 liras
  • Driving over the speed limit of 50% and more: 4064 liras
  • Parking in the disabled parking lot: 873 lira
  • Driving after consuming alcohol (6 months suspension of license): 4064 lira
  • Opposition to the alcohol test: 8551 liras
  • Failure to use a safety belt: 436 liras
  • Using a mobile phone while driving: 951 lira
  • Passing through special lines: 4064 liras
  • Sudden change in driving lanes: 642 lira
  • Overtaking in unauthorized places 951 lira
  • Drifting and spiral movements: 20342 lira
  • Driving after consuming drugs: 20,977 liras
  • Driving without license plate: 5145 lira
  • Failure to observe the permitted distance: 436 liras

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