4 good reasons to invest in a property in Turkey: The increased interest in buying property in Turkey this summer has been coined a “gold rush”.

The Guardian likened investors increased interest in buying property in Turkey this summer as a “gold rush” – and this rush is continuing. But, is buying a property in Turkey a good investment? Should you be trading in your dollars and pounds in return for an apartment in Istanbul or a luxury villa in Bodrum?

Financing your property

Loans and mortgages in Turkey

Since Islamic law forbids interest transactions, some Turkish banks offer both “deferred sale finance” and “lease to own” mortgages to circumvent the restrictions….

Legal Services

Acquiring a patent or a utility model is a serious process that starts from the questioning of the innovation before application to be made, and requires making document correspondences in this process and taking the document and even following the annual renewals….

WebDesign & NetWork

Website design can determine the success of your business. There are over 3 billion searches done online every day. What does this mean for you? Every one of your customers uses the internet. Will they enjoy what they see when they land on your website? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered….


Istanbul has many off-the-beaten-path attractions, but don’t leave the city without seeing its top tourist sites. They’re popular for a reason. Most of these are part of the “Historic Areas of Istanbul,” inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1985….

Medical Care

Turkey is a leading player in the medical tourist/healthcare Facilitation industry. It is increasingly emerging as the destination of choice for a wide range of medical procedures. Turkey offers the latest medical equipment and technology for treating various medical conditions, the cost for a treatment in Turkey, being much lower than in many other countries, the infrastructure and healthcare facilities offering world class standards. Turkey has a large number of medical professionals highly educated, Leading surgeons and Doctors, and well versed in English, from heart surgeons…

International Trade

With 185 billion dollars of foreign investment inflow since 2003, Turkey is a rising star of foreign capital. Turkey is a gate way and hub for gold and Jewelry business for decades. As a fast-growing economy with qualified labor force, well-developed infrastructure, welcoming legislative framework and investment policies; Turkey offers diversified opportunities for investors. With large capabilities of jewelry production, Turkey is the largest production point of the Middle East…

Study In Turkey

Turkey provides a welcoming and friendly environment for pupils. The higher education institutions in Turkey conduct an orientation program prior to the commencement of the academic session. This program is for all the new students so that they can know their university well. Campus, course and city are generally the topics of the orientation program…


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